DSC_0002 8x10Scott strongly believes that the citizens in the communities within the jurisdiction of the 52-1 District Court deserve the very best on the bench.  They need a Judge who will follow the law and will not be a source of controversy in the community, but rather a source of integrity, fairness and justice.  The community needs a Judge that will follow the law.  The constituency deserves a judge who will protect the individuals in the community by restraining those individuals that are a danger to the community.  They need a Judge that will provide a fair and impartial courtroom for those appearing before it; a Judge who will judiciously and appropriately apply the law to each case.  They need a change!

Scott Powers will deliver that needed change.

Let’s put an end to the controversy in our court and protect our community by putting the best on the bench.  Vote for Scott W. Powers on August 5th, 2014.  Why?  Because he’s qualified, he understands the role of a Judge, and he has the essential qualities needed by a Judge.  Simply put, he’s been mentored by three separate judges for the past 19 years, he’s been trained by the Michigan Judicial Institute as a Magistrate for Michigan District Courts, his professional career has given him the knowledge of the law and the skillset to apply the law correctly, he regularly appears in court, and he sincerely cares about the individuals in the community.

He will follow the law, he will be impartial, he will listen, he will be fair and appropriate, he has a reputation for fairness, integrity, honesty, and he is an innovator. He will seek the truth in matters pending before him without bias or pressure from those that appear before him.

Scott will serve you in the manner that you deserve.

Vote for Scott W. Powers on August 5th, 2014